Jaguar Near

By Casey Grenier

May 23, 2010

Category: Uncategorized


"Lions, Tigers, and Jaguars! Oh My!"

2 Responses to “Jaguar Near”

  1. Just to point out that there are no Lions or Tigers in Guyana. Jaguars are the largest cats found in and around Guyana. It is our National Cat. Our national football team is called the Golden Jaguars. We do have Pumas and some other smaller cats.

    • That’s a great detail to point to! I will edit the post to be in quotation marks, because it is a famous quote from the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939) where the character Dorothy quotes “Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my!”. Thanks for the other details as well. I was able to see the moving eye and a bit of the body of what my professor specified as a margay, a small cat, while in Guyana this January, it was very exciting! And when I visited with the children at Rewa they taught us ‘What time is it Mr. Jaguar.’ We should make every effort to keep this loved feline’s habitat in pristine condition.

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